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Shower Glass Doors

Shower Glass Doors  | Melrose Glass & Mirror Co - Melrose Park, IL

Homeowners looking to upgrade the interior appearance of their home may want to take a look at their bathroom—often the last room in the home to be considered for an update. Dated fixtures can develop into a real eyesore, but their appearance may go unnoticed as you hurriedly make use of them every day. Among the many ways to modernize your bathroom, shower glass doors provide, perhaps, the single, most dramatic appearance improvement, and complement everything else involved in a bathroom makeover. For all their appearance benefits, shower glass doors have a functional side as well, and they require expert installation. In particular, the frameless models, which don’t make use of rubber edge seals to prevent leaks, require the attention of a skillful installer. You can rely on the product knowledge and installation experience of Melrose Glass & Mirror Co.

Shower glass doors offer a number of benefits besides their appearance. These include:
• Easier Cleanup—Glass shower doors can be coated with a transparent polymer that makes cleanup a breeze compared to plastic doors.
• Durability—Tempered glass construction resists breakage and will stand up to years of use.
• Increase in Home Value—Glass-enclosed showers are considered a high-end bathroom fixture.

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